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Prior to the 5th World Collaborative Mobility Congress, the Swiss Mobility Academy will host the 4th College for Collaborative Mobility „cocomo“ in Bern, Switzerland. The cocomo seeks to support future mobility-experts in refining their visions and ideas with regards to collaborative mobility-services and -products, as well as to offer valuable networking-opportunities with key decision-makers from the Swiss transport sector.

About the College for Collaborative Mobility

Under the guidance of experts from science, policy and business, students are invited to provide their ideas regarding a specific topic of collaborative mobility. In the scope of this year’s cocomo (and 4 weeks of group post processing) the students are challenged to develop collaborative mobility concepts focussing on Co-Mobility meets the circular economy.

The most convincing students then have the possibility to present their ideas to a larger professional audience during the subsequent 5th World Collaborative Mobility Congress „wocomoco“.

Time and Place

Application Deadline: 31th July
College for Collaborative Mobility: 7th and 8th September 2017 in Berne
Date of submission (of the group work): 6th October 2017
5th World Collaborative Mobility Congress: 18th - 20th October 2017 in Berlin




Students can apply directly to the Mobility Academy for a seat at cocomo 2017 (maik.hoemke@tcs.ch). Their application must include:

- short motivational letter and outline on the idea of this years cocomo "Co-mobility meets the circular economy" (max. 500 words)
- name of the major subject, semester and university 
- personal information (name, firstname, e-mail, phone).

Deadline for submission is the 31.07.2017. Only files in a pdf-format can be accepted. Submission by e-mail to: maik.hoemke@tcs.ch

All costs for travelling and accomodation in conjunction with cocomo 2017 will be covered by the Mobility Academy.

After active participation in the cocomo, the students have 4 weeks additional time to enhance their projects in their groups and send the final work to the organisers of the cocomo. The group with the most convincing work then have the possibility to travel cost-free to Berlin and to present their work to an international audience at the 5th World Collaborative Mobility Congress.


The official language of the cocomo is English.


The cocomo is organised by the Mobility Academy. The exclusive sponsor is the Swiss Post.


More Questions?

If you have any question regarding cocomo do not hesitate to contact Maik Hoemke, senior researcher at mobility academy and responsible of cocomo. You can contact us via phone: +41 58 827 34 15 or via mail: maik.hoemke@tcs.ch

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