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Seven Answers From: Joshua Steffen

Statement: What I always wanted to tell the world about collaborative mobility.

Collaborative Mobility is not only a mobility history, it is as well the story of communication and interaction. To share vehicles or to build ridesharing communities is always a chance to socialize, to share stories and to find common ground.


Dream scenario: How I wish the mobile world looks like in 2060.

For all road users there is a possibility to choose the most efficient vehicle as well as a rational and emotional incentive to use them.


My TOP-moment: In my eyes the biggest success in the history of collaborative mobility.

In 1987, when visionaries founded the ATG Auto Teilet Genossenschaft and the ShareCom Genossenschaft and set the stage for the today‘s famous example of Mobility Carsharing.


My personal mobility behaviour: How I move privately.

Work-related with an increasing line-up of different, predominately electric light vehicles. With two young children, we have as well a private car for excursions as comfort is still important in those situations.


Personal experiences with collaborative mobility: An incident which stayed in my mind.

As a student I had my own carsharing system with the people with whom I shared the flat: A friend received an old car from his grandmother, because she couldn’t drive by herself anymore. The car was more than 25 years old and the heating didn’t work anymore. We shared the costs and the car and made some funny winter journeys with coats and caps.

The incident that sparked my interest in shared mobility solutions:

Involved with the distribution of eScooters we discovered, that in the modal split of sharingsystems scooters don’t appear. Our aim is to fill this gap between bike/ebike and carsharing offerings.


Ready for action: If I could, I would next…

… start a campaign for the „thumb-up-sign“. In the light of all the technical possibilities and the decreasing faith in other people, this old and simple sign for a ridesharing-need is disappearing..



Joshua Steffen

Name: Steffen

Firstname: Joshua

Function: CEO

Company: ATGmobility GmbH

Founded in the year: 2011

Head Office in: Oberhofen

Number of Collaborators: 1-4

The Business idea in summary:

ATGmobility wants to expand the sharing concept to eScooters and to fill the gap between Bike- and Carsharing offerings.



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