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Seven Answers from: Heiko Barnerssoi

Statement: What I always wanted to tell the world about collaborative mobility.

The term collaborative mobility sounds very complex and difficult to access, but to move intelligently, efficiently and in a resource-saving way in a city or even between cities and countries is in fact very simple. .


Dream scenario: How I wish the mobile world looks like in 2060.

Not in a way, as is shown in a lot of films, that flying cars need to fly one on top of the other in different lanes because the traffic can’t be regulated in another way anymore. If we manage in the next 50 years that the individual transport is ecological and only a small fraction of the whole traffic system, and alternatives are accessible and practicable for everyone, we would have achieved a lot.


My TOP-moment: In my eyes the biggest success in the history of collaborative mobility.

Motion is something very old, but I couldn’t decide on my highlight because we aren’t at the end for a long time yet.


My personal mobility behaviour: How I move privately.

I cycle in the city and use different carsharing offers as well as public transport. For longer distances I prefer ridesharing and if there is no ridesharing possibility I travel with the train.


Personal experiences with collaborative mobility: An incident which stayed in my mind.

That was the moment when I opened a carsharing car for the first time. When I held the card against the car, I thought „Wow, it is really so simple!“ I like to think about this moment.

The incident that sparked my interest in shared mobility solutions:

I am a good customer of all these carsharers myself, but I ascertained that there is still a lot of space. Because I think that this is important, I wanted to be a part of it and help to change things.


Ready for action: If I could, I would next…

… force all car salesmen to assess with their customers, if they need a car at all. If everyone would had the thought „Do I really need it?“ in his mind while buying something (especially in the case of cars) we could make a big step forward.



Heiko Barnerssoi

Name: Barnerssoi

Firstname: Heiko

Function: Marketing Manager Germany

Company: Citee Car

Head Office in: Berlin

Founded in the year: 2012



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