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Dear wocomoconians

from September 16 to 20, the Mobility Academy will be hosting the first Swiss Mobility Arena with over 1000 participants. An integral part of this major event will be the wocomoco2019, the 7th World Collaborative Mobility Congress, on September 18 and 19. Key players from across the transport sector gather here to exchange their personal visions and present their companies’ services designed to further innovate the booming markets of ride-, car-, scooter-, bike- or micro-sharing.
As quite a few of you have contacted since wocomoco2018 us, seeking opportunities to present their latest innovations and recent successes, we have now decided to give all of you the chance to come forth and make your claim to fame at wocomoco2019.
We welcome inputs from all corners of the global share economy and transport market, covering issues such as demand-responsive transport, automated mobility, shared & connected cars, blockchain-enabled co-mobility transport, individualised public transport services, micro- and active mobility, or anything that is bound to “rock” future transport development – as long as it can be shared!

The Swiss Mobility Arena, we believe, is the perfect kind of setting for wocomoco to return to it’s origins, and we are extremely delighted to work together with our Swiss partners – the Swiss Federal Railways, the Swiss Post, Energe360°, both Swiss Federal Offices for Roads and Energy, The City as well as the Canton of Bern and The Touring Club Switzerland, just to name our premium-partners for this year’s Mobility Arena. Let’s turn wocomoco2019 again into a memorable congress for both, established transport players and eager, future shared mobility leaders.
If this open invitation has got you going, please come back to us as soon as you can via our website www.wocomoco.org or directly to info@mobilitaetsarena.ch

With our best regards,
your wocomoco-cockpit

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