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The 6th Word Collaborative Mobility Congress will take place on November 6 & 7 2018 at the Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam (NL). wocomoco2018 is jointly hosted by the Dutch Ministry for Infrastructure and Waterways and the City of Rotterdam. Organised annually by the Mobility Academy, a subsidiary of the Touring Club Switzerland, wocomoco brings together key players from the expanding worlds of car-, ride- and bike-sharing. As the Mobility Academy and its partners are now beginning to prepare another cutting-edge programme for this year’s congress, we invite visionary founders, successful entrepreneurs and established co-mobility managers alike, to claim one of the 50+ prestigious speaking slots for their company.

The overarching topics for wocomoco2018 are:
• Embedding co-mobility in transportation’s mega-trends
• Coping with co-mobility’s unintended consequences
• Testing, piloting and experimenting: collaborative mobility laboratories
• Automated transport in tomorrow’s cities: how to make AVs sharable?
• The collaborative rise of active travel
• Transport-impacts of a global share economy
• Nudging: how to make more people share
• Sufficiency and collaborative mobility - less traffic with more shared cars?
• Cutting-edge share-tech 4 next-generation co-mobility

While we currently compiling our list of invited speakers for wocomoco2018, we are keen to come back to wocomco’s roots and provide a vivid platform for future thought-leaders and inspiring young minds.
Come and join us now with your view on one of the topics above, or offer your own genuine take on how to drive forward car-, ride- and bike-sharing in Europe’s cities.

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